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    Our Mission and Purpose

    Our mission is to inspire the loving spirit; cultivate the emotional well-being; develop the healthy bodies; and stimulate the brilliant minds of our students, faculty, families and community.

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    Departments and Programs

    The Ideal Curriculum begins with the premise that there is an “Ideal Child” in each student. This inner person is the source of all intelligence, all knowledge, all power, and all truth. This indwelling “Ideal” individual has been called the super-mind, the christ mind, the superconsciousness, the higher self and other such superlatives throughout the ages, for human kind has always recognized that there is a hidden potential which is scarcely tapped in the ordinary person or by the normal pedagogical methods.

    Ideal Curriculum
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    Academic Program

    The Academy for Ideal Education (AIE) combines an instructional program of the highest academic standards with a unique affective (emotions; feeling) mode of teaching and learning that together are designed to produce the “Ideal” student. The Ideal Curriculum Project uses the District of Columbia Common Core academic standards as the starting point for our learners. Strong literacy skills are integrated into a rigorous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program.

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    Students participate in countless activities throughout the year to reinforce our core belief that students learn best through experimentation! We rely solely on the generosity of sponsors. Allow us to continue producing the future leaders of tomorrow, support Ac today!

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Many, many community service projects and enriching field trips which provide numerous educational experiences!

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The Academy for Ideal Education

Helping every student to realize his/her highest potential in mind, body emotions & spirit.

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We believe that education is vital to each individual’s life opportunities and the quality of society as a whole.

Ideal Education

Ideal uses techniques of introspection, centering, relaxation, stretches, and affirmations, and the application of these in students’ lives to awaken, nurture and draw into outer expression those inner qualities of love, truth, intelligence and joy abiding at the core of every individual

Additionally, the academic performance of the student is greatly improved when the class utilizes these processes. When students are able to achieve a state of relaxed awareness during the learning process, their ability to remember, recall, comprehend, think critically, synthesize and analyze are the scientifically verified results.