• AIE provides an excellent, private, Ideal Education to children from low-income families. 97% of AIE’s students’ family income falls within the poverty range. Many of these qualifying students receive tuition assistance through the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. AIE has great success with this so-called “at risk” population.
  • Ideal teachers are highly qualified, caring, dedicated professionals with a total of more than 125 years of teaching experience. Our teachers ensure that every student receives the best in Ideal Education.
  • Elementary, middle and high school students gain an average of 1.5 years annually in reading and math on standardized tests.
  • AIE has graduated thirteen twelfth grade classes since its first graduating class in 2000. Most of its graduates attend college or post-secondary training institutions.
  • AIE has successfully provided specialized instruction for scores of special education students through our OSSE certified special education program. Students with identified special needs formerly have constituted from 10% to 40% of our total student population.
  • AIE is the creator and originator of the “Escape to Freedom” Underground Railroad (URR) excursion to significant stations on the URR, covering four states and hundreds of miles into the history of African Americans.
  • Associates for Ideal Education is the author and editor of the book MARCH TO THE WHITE HOUSE: A Commemorative Journey through History, which chronicled the struggle for freedom of African-American people from 1619 to 2009. The book recognizes the accomplishments of the movement, which paved the way for the election of the first African American president of the United States of America.
  • AIE has developed, created and implemented the Ideal character education program, IDEAL WRAVE (Writing, Reading, Art and Values Education), a curriculum for teaching character and values while strengthening reading and writing skills.