Ideal Academy Application

The Ideal Curriculum

When students realize the joy of learning they not only become permanent explorers in the great adventure of life and learning, but they also open an artisan well of enthusiasm, which is a primary factor in the goal of becoming an “Ideal learner.” This step in Ideal learning is two fold: While on the one hand the teacher does create an environment which promotes and espouses fun-filled methods of teaching and learning such as games, pictures, high interest books, visual aids, etc., the most important aspect of this phase of learning is the learner’s intrinsic joy which arises from the experience of success. The combination of an enjoyable learning environment with many and varied opportunities for success creates a learning circle of success (learn>enjoy>succeed).

Academic Goals:

1) Students will display critical thinking skills as well as well as thorough, effective study habits.
2) Students will develop strong oral (speaking and listening) and written (writing and reading) communication skills.
3) Students will demystify the great art of mathematical concepts, calculations and problem solving; and apply these findings to classroom and daily living settings.
4) Students will be able to analyze and evaluate current social and political trends. They will synthesize their findings and create better options for themselves and their communities.
5) Students will understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of life through their scientific studies and apply these toward creating a more sustainable environment..
6) Students will test at the ‘Proficient’ level or higher on all standardized tests required by DC law.

The Ideal Academy Application

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