Ideal Affirmations


Mighty Ideal person in me: I love you, I honor you, I truly appreciate you. I see your light in every face, and I am always living my Oneness with you. I am master of myself. I control what I think; what I say, and what I do.

 I am! I Am! I Am! I know I Am! The Light of Life that never, never fails. I Am somebody, somebody caring; somebody sharing, somebody raring to learn.

 If it is to be, I Am the key! If it is to be, I take responsibility!

 I respect myself; I respect everyone else. I honor the highest in me; the highest in you is what I see, and what I attract to me. I respect my family, my friends, my teachers and my school. I respect my home, my city, I live the golden rule. I treat others as I want them to treat me. I live and I let live; and I love, unconditionally.

 I Am the faith of life that never fails! I Am the peace of life that mankind hails! I Am the truth of life that sets all free! I Am the light of life that shines through me!

 I stand, face and conquer, with love here deep inside.
I stand, face and conquer, no matter what betides
I stand, face and conquer, with courage in my call.
I stand face and conquer – true master over all.

I am because we are. Because we are I am grateful!
I am because we are! And we are all one people!

 Sons and daughters of the Most High;

Princes and princesses of powerful queens and kings; Heirs and successors of magnificent, ancient, civilizations;

Builders and conceivers of a new, great, Ideal nation.

We are the hope, the light, the past, the present and the future of an Ideal, peaceful world!

We are great – and we know it!

Almighty I am! Almighty I am! Almighty I am!

I am life’s highest creation, because God didn’t make trash

And God made me!

 I said it! I meant it! And I’m here to represent it!

(put your hand on your heart and say) “I AM IDEAL!”